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David Gilbertson QC
President, Emerald Hill Mission.

David is a barrister who practises principally in the commercial and media areas. David is the Chair of the Council of St Hilda’s College, University of Melbourne. David sees Emerald Hill Mission as providing assistance in some critical areas of need in the local community. “Through the Education program, food van and Open House, Emerald Hill Mission can go some way to easing the burdens on people in the area,” he says. “It’s great to be a small part of that effort.”

Michael Donovan
Vice President and Executive Officer, Emerald Hill Mission.

Former Director, Fitzroys (Licensed Estate Agents), Member R.E.I.V., Affiliate Member Securities Institute of Australia. “Having a strong caring family and being fortunate to have had a good education with strong role models to influence my upbringing has provided me with a wonderful foundation. As my children grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, it is evident that there are many families who are less fortunate and who are not being given what, to most of us, are considered fairly basic opportunities of education, regular meals and general support. EHM is a ‘grass roots’ charity that offers support to those less fortunate in any meaningful way. It does not operate out of a rented office or have paid support staff. Instead it leverages every hard-earned dollar raised/donated so that it can contribute directly back into the extensive charitable work undertaken. EHM has a very low profile and many of its beneficiaries are not even aware of where their support is being derived which is due to the fact that we are not seeking recognition or accolades but simply wanting to help whilst maintaining respect for those in need. It is very rewarding to be involved in an organisation of like-minded volunteers who give their time freely to develop and nurture the foundations for a safer and healthier community for all future generations.”


Gerry Vaughan
Treasurer, Emerald Hill Mission.

Stockbroker Associate Director (Ret) CS First Boston. Member of the Finance and Investment sub-committee to the board of MacKillop Family Services. (Retired 2015). After an early retirement in 2000, it was time to give a little back to the community. I was impressed with the calibre of the committee and the volunteers of EHM and I am pleased to be involved with the growth of EHM’s programs.”


Mary-Anne Nunan
Secretary, Emerald Hill Mission.

Mary-Anne is a Director of IOOF Investment Services Limited ("IISL") and Australian Friendly Society ("AFS") and also serves as a member of the IOOF and AFS Investment Committees. Previously, many years of her career were spent as Executive Director, RBS/ABN AMRO Global Markets before moving to become a Specialist Debt Adviser at Aquasia P/L, in which role she advised Australian Institutional, Corporate and Government clients, specialising in Infrastructure debt. Having raised her family in the inner-city area of Melbourne, Mary-Anne became acutely aware of the diversity of the population and in particular the divergence of opportunities for young people. “It became apparent that post primary school, many children became disenfranchised from the education system, either due to the need to travel, purchase uniforms, the ability to participate in extracurricular activities or the lack of resources to purchase books. By extending EHM’s realm to beyond the successful food van and Open House programs, we could offer support and succour to those children".


Angela Riordan

Senior English and Legal Studies teacher Xavier College, Kew 1990-2014. Kildara College 1975-1990 and Head of English faculty 1987-1990. VCE English examiner. Current board member of Tombolo Academy. " I have been involved in educating young people for over 40 years and a resident of South Melbourne for the last 20 years. Our Mission aims to support and encourage the most vulnerable in our local community and it has been personally very rewarding to be part of such a committed team ".


Hans Westerbeek

Hans is a Professor of International Business, and Director of the Sport Business Insights Group, at Victoria University. He is an experienced international business consultant and also has adjunct Professorial appointments in Brussels, Madrid and Beijing. Hans has held various senior management positions at different Universities as a Head of School, Research Institute Director, Faculty Dean and as Pro-Vice Chancellor. He serves on various international (advisory) boards including for the Dutch Sports Council, SportsCloud International (Netherlands), Go-Fit (Spain) and Varcis Group (Hong Kong). As an educator and consultant, Hans has seen first-hand the impact that the lack of educational opportunities can have on young people that have been left behind by society at large. In this regard, the work of the EHM “has inspired me to want to take a more active and ‘hands-on’ approach in making impactful contributions. The fact that the EHM operates in the local community of which I am privileged to be a part, makes this even more worthwhile.”


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