Education for a brighter future

Emerald Hill Mission assists many people through its education program. Students ranging from Year 7 through to Year 12 are provided with text books, uniforms, camp fees and travel expenses
as required.

By encouraging disadvantaged youth to undertake secondary education, we believe they can break the poverty cycle and reach new goals and establish worthwhile careers.

Sharing a meal

Coupled with the Outreach program, The Emerald Hill Mission Food Bus operates six times a week providing hot, hearty sustenance and counsel services to various disadvantaged individuals and families in the Port Phillip district and the inner CBD.

Welcoming smile, friendly ear

Run by a team of 20 wonderful volunteers, the Emerald Hill Open House provides a friendly, welcoming and caring environment for the disadvantaged and elderly five days a week.

Importantly, these members of our community can receive food parcels, hot meals, counselling, employment assistance, emergency accommodation or simply a place to socialize.

Reaching out, making a difference

The Outreach program, run by our dedicated outreach worker, services the needs of the disadvantaged, providing them with counselling and assistance to better their way of life. Many of those assisted by the Outreach program have found employment, overcome drug addictions and found safer environments for
their children.